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Cellular Release

What is “Cellular Release Therapy?

Cellular Release Therapy™  is a system designed to clear trauma and painful experiences, without the client having to remember or reexperience it.


The subconscious mind resides in every cell of the human body.  These cells are continuously programmed from the moment of conception.  This programming, incorporates every   experience, thought or belief into the memory of every cell and affects the entire body.


The subconscious knows how to clear the emotional charge from the cellular memory.  The client does not lose the conscious memory of the experience, only the emotional charge and/or pain that surrounds the experience.


The energy that has been held in the form of these feelings, thoughts or beliefs is released, allowing the client to integrate that energy back into their system in a more positive way.


Cellular Release Therapy™  guides the client to a deeper hypnotherapeutic level and interacts directly with the subconscious


Benefits and Uses for

Cellular Release Therapy

 Cellular Release Therapy™ provides a means by which large amounts of material can be cleared from the cellular memory at once.  This material can be specific to a certain issue or topic, which the client determines they are ready to have changed.

 As this clearing of the emotional charge (that  surrounds the material) takes place; the natural energy field of the cellular body/mind progressively decontaminates.

With Cellular Release Therapy™ you can:


Clear the emotional charge and/or emotional reaction to a traumatic event or experience — without having to reexperience the traumatic event or experience

Clear the emotional charge around:

Physical conditions and/or illnesses

Weight or eating issues

Clear the emotional charge that may be connected to:

Habits and addictions

Beliefs and/or thought patterns

Fears and/or anxiety

Clear the emotional charge that may be connected with behavior patterns

Clear the emotional charge that may be present around relationships with people, places and/or things




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    Cellular-Release Therapy 

Pain / Discomfort Management

Anxiety and Stress Management

Self-Love / Self-Esteem


Energetic Communication

Energy Return

Performance Enhancement

Creativity / Life Passion Discovery

Inner Child / Childhood Issues

Trauma Issue Transformation

Behavior / Habit Transformation

Smoking Cessation

Weight Management

Surgery Preparation

Fears and Phobias

Test Anxiety